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3381 S. Highway 89, Bountiful, UT, 84010

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What We Believe

At Leap'n Learners Preschool, we understand learning is meant to be fun. We adhere to age appropriate practices for preschoolers and include the basic building blocks for success.

We provide a rich environment of hands-on learning, carefully balanced between teacher and child-directed discovery. We offer a wide range of varied instructional strategies including multi-sensory learning and thematic units to incorporate individual learning styles. We encourage and allow children to discover, explore, and even get messy!

Teacher observation and child progress are communicated regularly to parents, helping them become an active partner in their child’s education.

To nurture the inquisitive minds of young children, create lasting confidence, and inspire joy in learning.

We build academic, social, emotional and physical confidence through our comprehensive curriculum thereby encouraging a thirst for knowledge, a desire to achieve, and a foundation for success.

We provide a safe, loving and developmentally appropriate program that promotes active learning and supports the whole child.

 We strive for excellence.
 We commit to build confidence.
 We respect and support families.
 We respect and appreciate individuality.
 We actively listen and seek to understand.
 We communicate openly and productively.
 We abide by the NAEYC Code of Conduct.

Our carefully designed curriculum, with emphasis on physical development, encompasses Utah’s Early Childhood State Standards and ensures kindergarten readiness. Dance, tumbling, music, art, creative play, reading, writing, math, and science provide balance for a well-rounded education. Our letter based thematic program works in harmony with academics and makes each week a unique and exciting adventure.

We promote values such as kindness, empathy, courage, responsibility, and good manners. Learning these things in a loving and nurturing environment will build the strongest foundation for academic, social, emotional, and physical strength.