We LOVE Zoo-phonics! Our students learn letter sounds right from the start of our preschool program. 

View the link below to see what it is all about!

If you want to use it at home with us, you can learn our Zoo-phonics song with Ms. Maddi. After a few weeks at preschool, your child will be well on his/her way to mastering all the sounds and reading with us!



We encourage reading at home! Keep track of minutes you read at home with our reading log. Our class goal is 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

Bring reading logs to school the last week of November, February, and May and pick a treasure! Print out the reading log below and get your head in a book today!

Sight word cards are great for early readers! Use our cards below and get started today!


Help us celebrate your special child by providing the items listed below on your child's assigned spotlight day!

  • Spotlight poster 

  • Any special toy or stuffed animal to show the class

  • A favorite book

Whatever you send to display will be hung up during the week of your child's spotlight.  You are welcome to visit class the first 15 minutes to help with your child's presentation.  


There are endless options to choose from when you are selecting educational games to play at home. Here are a few of our very favorites that compliment what we use in the classroom at preschool!


We are so excited  about our writing program, Handwriting Without Tears!  We are currently working on helping students use the correct handgrip and write their name and would love you to do the same at home!  

Teaching them these skills now will set them up to be great writers!

Not sure what to bring for snack? 

Preschoolers get excited when it is their turn to bring snack! Let them be involved in planning what to bring on their day!

If possible, be creative and bring something that goes along with the letter of the week!

We love to use snack time to practice our math skills. Feel free to bring snacks that we can count, sort, estimate, group, and more! 

Please refer to the weekly update email for snack reminders and the amount of children you will provide snack for.


We are so excited to offer an at home study guide for our preschoolers who will be entering kindergarten next year!  

New packets for you to print are posted monthly. If you would rather us do the printing, let us know!

The packets correlate with what we are teaching in the classroom. Topics include writing practice, math, science, shapes, colors, sensory fun, and more!

Students that participate in this program will be able to earn a special reward when they bring their completed packets to PTC in Jan and May.

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