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Our Unique Program

Our Unique Approach

Our goal is to develop the whole child, focusing on their physical, intellectual, creative, emotional, and social development. With this in mind, we incorporate current research to provide the most complete and inclusive preschool education available. We do not believe any one method to be the complete answer to early childhood education. Here is how our philosophies match up with some styles you may be familiar with:

Montessori: Our classrooms are child centered, with the teacher acting more as a learning facilitator than the source of knowledge. Children are treated as responsible individuals and learn to manage themselves. We maintain a daily routine so children know what to expect and what is expected of them.

Reggio: We believe in hands-on, discovery-based learning that allows a child to use all of their senses in their quest for knowledge. Our centers room is set up for self-discovery and learning. We encourage children to follow their innate curiosity, which drives their interest to understand their world and their place within it. Children are listened to with respect, believing that their questions are opportunities to learn and search for knowledge together. Teachers do not simply provide answers to questions, but help the child discover answers for themselves. This teaches children that they are capable of discovering knowledge, which increases their confidence and natural curiosity. Children are encouraged to communicate openly and effectively with their teachers and peers while learning to listen and respond to verbal and non-verbal communication.

Waldorf: Open-ended creative play is an integral part of our program. Imagination and creativity are encouraged. We do not use computers or television as a teaching tool in the classroom; we believe there is opportunity for this elsewhere.

HighScope: Teachers observe and monitor progress of children and adapt curriculum to meet the needs of the individual child. Our day is divided into routine blocks of time, which include individual, small, and large group discovery-based learning.

  • OPENED IN 2007- We have a successful, tried and true, established program that works. 
  • CHALLENGING ACADEMIC PROGRAM- Our curriculum is supplemented with several highly developed programs, ensuring that we meet the learning styles of each of our students. A few that you might be familiar with are: Zoophonics, Handwriting without Tears, Hooked on Phonics, Core Knowledge, and Utah’s Early Childhood Core Standards.
  • MORE CLASS TIME- Most preschools designate the first 15 minutes as arrival time and the last 15 minutes as departure time; having students sit in a waiting area until the teacher takes them to class or their parents pick them up. This process wastes 30 minutes of learning time each day. At Leap’n Learners Preschool we have structured our time so your child is immersed in a rich learning environment from the moment they arrive, until they are picked up. We take every opportunity and use every minute to develop the children in our care.
  • SMALL CLASS SIZES- We keep all out classes capped at a 12:1 student:teacher ratio, with an extra teacher on-site to assist as needed. This allows for allow students to work individually with teachers as well as in large and small groups: teachers are able to adjust activities for students who need more challenge, or extra assistance.
  • QUALIFIED TEACHERS- The highest educational standards are expected from all Expressions Dance and Preschool faculty members. They are lifelong learners who continue to educate themselves through certification programs, teacher-training schools, conferences, and other learning opportunities.
  • PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT- The partnership between parent and teacher is a priority, and we value that connection in our program so parents can have an active, ongoing role in their child’s education.  We keep parents informed through weekly newsletters, monthly newsletters, student evaluations, and parent teacher conferences in Jan and May. Together we can help your child achieve their full potential.
  • WEEKLY COMMUNICATION- On Fridays we send out a “Weekly Updates” email that includes specific information about our weekly topic focus, themes, books we will read, and more helpful tools for parents to stay involved at home. We also send a monthly newsletter and calendar that is also available for quick reference on the “Parent Tools” page of our website.
  • POPSICLES AT THE PARK- Before orientation we have a play date at the park! Teachers will get to meet their students and stay close by with parents while kids make new friends for school!
  • ORIENTATION- First of year orientation to get to know teachers and procedures. Students will be introduced to teachers and become familiar with school while parents stay close by in the next room. This helps to prepare children for a successful first day of school!
  • HANDS-ON SCIENCE- Weekly hands-on experiments make science exciting. Science is a favorite topic at preschool because it fosters inquisitive minds and encourages children to discover answers to “Why?” and “How?” Science helps children understand the world around them.
  • EMPHASIS ON LITERACY- We understand the importance of developing a strong foundation of language and literacy skills at an early age. This sets them up for success for years to come. We encourage our preschoolers to develop at-home reading habits and continue language art development through our weekly word-of-the-week and vocabulary words, by participating in Scholastic Book Program, and through our at home reading logs and reading treasure chest! 
  • SHOW-AND-TELL- Weekly show-and-tell involves the letter of the week. We take every opportunity in our curriculum to relate everything to the letter of the week, including our show-and-tell time!
  • FIELDTRIPS- Two fieldtrips per year for all classes,
  • SPOTLIGHT- Student spotlight during birthday month (or half for summer month birthday)
  • EVALUATIONS- We give assessments to track progress three times a year (pre, mid, end)
  • EXPRESSIONS DANCE EVENTS- Preschoolers are invited to be involved in all studio events- They can participate in dance performances at Halloween, Christmas and the end of year recital in June.
  • CLASS PARTIES- We have three in-class parties that parents can attend! Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines Week.
  • GRADUATION- Our Graduation program will make your preschooler feel important, successful, and excited about their future.


  • LENDING LIBRARY- We have a lending library for our Friday students to help spark their excitement for reading at home and to get them into good study habits.
  • FRIDAY FIELDTRIPS- Friday students get three community field trips-grocery stores, library, restaurants, fire station etc.
  • SPANISH- We run our Friday circle time in Spanish!  We sing “Days of the Week,” “Months of the Year,” and even “Happy Birthday” in Spanish! Friday students will learn shapes, colors, and numbers 1-20 in Spanish! We also practice 2-5 new vocabulary words each week through games and activities.
  • READING GROUP- Students meet with our literacy specialist in a small group that is based on their level.  They focus on reading skills according to what skills they have mastered and what they are working on.  We structure our topics and curriculum based on what is expected in kindergarten. 
  • HANDS ON- We get hands on with cooking and sports!
  • ACCELERATED LEARNING- We have an Accelerated Learning Packet (ALP) for parents who want to reinforce what we are working at home. It includes pages for writing practice, letter recognition and sounds, numbers, counting, addition/subtraction, reading activities, sensory fun, science experiments for home, and more!