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This class is specially designed to stimulate and develop large motor skills, strength, rhythm, balance, coordination, and awareness through movement.

Develops beginning skills in all styles of dance while building coordination, rhythm, musicality, memory, creativity, posture, self-esteem, rhythm, emotion, and social skills. Preschoolers learn to love movement by exploring through improvisations, props, and stories.  Dance provides an outlet for children’s needs to move and express themselves.

Children explore materials and interact with each other to develop social skills.  Centers include fine motor skill activities, block play, dramatic play, sensory, math, and art.  Teachers work one-on-one with children and in small groups. The focus in this class is on helping preschoolers learn through play while building social skills, such as: taking turns, sharing, expressing feelings, and following instructions. We feel that academics are important, but social skills are just as important because they are the foundation to a lifetime of success.

Refines fine motor skills and stimulates the creativity in each student and is often themed around the literature of the day or seasonal themes and holidays. Children increase creativity, imagination, and appreciation for their surroundings as they explore and create their own designs with various mediums.

Math teaches children what numbers represent and how to use them. Using manipulative objects develops number sense.  Children classify, group, and regroup objects; recognize patterns; identify numbers by the amount in the groups; and begin to understand addition and subtraction. Math concepts provide children with excellent problem solving skills.

We use fun, musical, phonics-based methods to teach our children reading and writing, as well as build confidence.  Rather than memorize every word, students learn how words are formed and how to sound them out.  When confronted with a new word, students use phonics concepts to sound the word out without guessing.  Phonics establishes strong reading and spelling skills. Students practice forming and writing letters every day while holding pencils correctly.

Reading from well-written literature enlarges children's comprehension, increases vocabulary, and improves listening and speaking skills. They develop an understanding for characters and events that relate to life. They travel to places they are unable to go, which stimulates their imaginations. They predict outcomes and learn values. 

Circle time weekly topics provide a chance for children to explore, understand, and appreciate the world in which we live. Our letter-of-the week based thematic units give meaning and understanding to young children.  Class gathers for calendar, weather, patriotic songs, positive character-connection songs, and more.

Children love learning with music.  Music builds listening skills, patterning, rhyming, rhythm, memorization, and concentration. We use music to teach and reinforce concepts taught in the classroom. As a result, you may hear your child singing about numbers, days of the week, and the weather.

Science helps children understand the world around them.  Weekly hands-on experiments make science exciting.  A variety of animals and their habitats are studied, as well as characteristics of human needs and the life cycle are identified. Science fosters inquisitive minds and encourages children to discover answers to “Why?” and “How?” Scientific exploration teaches deductive reasoning and critical thinking skills.

Reinforces values such as honesty, compassion, responsibility, and respect. It also helps children internalize the concept that our actions affect others. We focus on a new value each week, which is incorporated into our letter-based theme.

All of these activities take place in an environment where learning is as rewarding and enjoyable as playtime and where our young students have nearly unlimited opportunities to explore the world and examine their place in it.

Our eleven areas of focus build a solid foundation and provide a cohesive unit of study that gives meaning and understanding to young children.

Leap'n Learners offers a complete preschool curriculum. Children begin the process of becoming readers, writers, listeners, and speakers.  They learn to count; identify numbers on calendars and clocks; and sort, match, count, and graph shapes.  They explore and expand their knowledge about schools, families, and communities.  They also receive a wonderful introduction to visual art, music, dance, and tumbling.

Our creative curriculum and exciting, proven teaching methods give young children a well-balanced education.  Students become excited about learning as they find joy and self-worth through achievement as they explore and begin to master foundational skills.

Our students leave our classes prepared and confident in their abilities and are ready to tackle new subjects.


Get it all done in one! Parents love our well rounded approach to preschool.

We are the most established movement preschool in the area.  Amy Simkins developed Leap'n Learners Preschool by fusing her two greatest passions: dance and early childhood education. Our facility and state-of-the art equipment are just a few benefits to choosing Leap'n Learners for your child's first class experience. From the moment your child walks through the door, they will enter a world of fun and exploration that actively develops physical and mental abilities, sharpens skills, and sets the stage for a happy, productive lifetime of learning. We are sure you will be impressed!

Our program follows standards published by The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and Utah State Office of Education (USOE). Our program prepares children to enter kindergarten by incorporating all skills requirements in the USOE Kindergarten Here We Come Publication.  

We work directly with Davis County School District Early Childhood Educators and Early Intervention Program, and our teachers are trained to recognize when it would be beneficial to refer a student to the District for support.

​At Leap'n Learners Preschool your child will embark on an exciting journey that will help them soar to great heights. We specialize in creating well-rounded, imaginative, confident, bright, and independent individuals. Providing your child with an extraordinary beginning to education and physical activity is one of the most important things you can do to build knowledge and ensure success.  Our Leap'n Learners hands-on curriculum ignites a child's mind and awakens a passion for learning and movement to last a lifetime.



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